The Spicy Coffee Concept!

Created in 2015, Spicy Coffee is a coffee-shop and restaurant with strong British accents and French culinary know-how!

Breakfast, lunch with colleagues, meals on the go or take away, whatever your timing, we adapt to serve you in warm and inviting conditions. Spicy Coffee’s dishes and pastries are prepared with our customers’ needs in mind using carefully conceived culinary methods. Our meals are prepared with local and organic products.

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Discover the Spicy Coffee atmosphere

The culmination of a lifelong dream for Cyrius, Tom, and Jérémy, the founders of the Spicy Concept.

Here is an excerpt from the Spicy Coffee menu

pulled pork burger

Artisanal burger bread with cereals, marinated pulled pork with spices, homemade whole-grain mustard
burger sauce, salad, tomato and melted fourme d’Ambert. Homemade French fries.

Beef tartare

With homemade pesto sauce and homemade French fries.

Vegetarian meal salad

Crispy vegetables with spices, falafels and sweet potato fries. Rawness.

Spicy Coffee is defined according to strong values


We are three friends who are passionate about gastronomy transmitting our taste for good food, building strong relationships with our team and our customers.


We are committed to providing you with a reliable dose of happiness while working, during coffee or lunch breaks, or during hangouts with friends.


Honesty and respect are concepts that we take very seriously: this involves product information and a good conduct towards our partners,

Presentation of allergens

Each week, we give access to the list of potential allergens present in each dish and dessert offered according to these pictograms.

Spicy Coffee customers talk about us...

Thank you to all those who shared their opinions by sharing their experiences in our café- restaurant.